Decoding the color of Sky

On bright and clear summer day when a person looks up to heaven, they are mesmerized by the splendor and the vastness of the big beautiful blue sky. It always appears refreshing and enchanting.

The important question that needs to be asked at that moment is; what a person sees, is that the true nature and reality of the sky or is there something more intriguing to it. Is the real color of sky blue and if not then, why does the sky look blue. To understand the color of the sky; the nature of the atmosphere has to be understood.

What does atmosphere comprise of ?

blue sky

blue sky

The atmosphere that surrounds us is made of nitrogen and oxygen, these gases help to sustain a suitable climate for all the living beings on planet earth. Apart from these gases it also contains dust, ashes, smoke and salts from the ocean. Now when the sunlight interacts with the atmosphere it makes the sky appear blue.

How does Sunlight determine the color of the sky?

It is a proven scientific fact that sunlight is comprised of various colors that have different wavelengths and when these light scatters in the sky after interacting with atmosphere the large part of the sky appears blue, as blue is the color with the shortest wavelength. This is the reason why the sun appears yellow.

In the evening the sky loses its blue wavelength and the color of the sky changes to pink or red. This is the phenomena behind the majestic display of colors in the sky; the art of god depends entirely upon the wavelength that is scattered in the sky. This is the prime reason why the sky appears dark from moon as the sunlight doesn’t scatter and there is no wavelength that is reflected in the sky.

Factors that determine the color of the sky:

  • The moisture in the air, determines the scattering of the light this is the reason why on rainy days the color of the sky appears grey rather than blue.

  • The level of pollution in the atmosphere also plays a major role is determining the color of the sky.

  • Light waves and the speed at which light travels in the light.

Everyone at one point of time or another in their lives must have looked up at the sky and have got mesmerized by its splendor and brilliance. The play of color, the delightful sketches of sheer ecstasy has inspired great thoughts, magnificent art and sublime poetry among many people.

It has been a source of inspiration among many brilliant minds. It was in the seventeenth century when the intellect mind of Sir Isaac Newton discovered and decoded the colors of the sunlight; it was then for the first time an attempt to understand light and its property was made. Based on those observations and principles later the color of the sky and other object around the earth was scientifically identified. The world outside is beautiful and it is colorful, what appears to the human eye is not the actual shape or the color of the object but still they enchantingly beautiful to be appreciated and observed.

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