Coiled Adder Science Experiment

Science experiments help children to understand science in a very interesting and amusing manner. These science experiments have been specially designed for the children to conduct in order to explore the amazing world of science. Such experiments help in growth if innovative ideas, creativity and proper understanding of science in a child. After performing these science experiments kids are able to relate to the things happening around them and their whole point of view is changed.

Paper Snake Experiment for Children :

They are able to think more broadly and develop a keen interest in science. One of the most popular and amusing science experiments is the Coiled Adder science experiment. This science experiment is pretty simple to carry out and involves use of common household

Paper Snake

Paper Snake (Image Credit -

items we usually find at our home.

To perform this Coiled Adder science experiment all you need is a tissue paper, scissors, tin lid, fountain pen and woolen cloth. First of all take a tissue paper (four inches square) and with the help of scissors cut it into a spiral shaped coil like a snake. Now place this tissue paper coil on a tin lid and bend the head of this coil.

Take a fountain pen and rub it with a woolen cloth for a while and then hold it close to the head of the coil. Soon you will be amazed to see that the coil will rise like a living snake and move upwards toward the pen. This happens because when the fountain pen is rubbed against the woolen cloth the electrons get transferred to the pen.

As a result of which when the pen is brought closer to the uncharged paper coil it gets attracted towards the pen. The paper takes some part of electricity which then transfers to the tin lid which is a good conductor of electricity. The paper becomes uncharged again and will again get attracted to the pen till the pen loses charge.

The Coiled Adder science experiment is pretty amazing experiment and kids can try this at home and show it to their friends or family members.

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