Clinging Balloons

Science experiments have always proved to be fascinating as well as amusing for the kids. They like to perform these science experiments and get to learn about the science involved in these experiments. These science experiments help children to develop creativity, innovative ideas and better understanding of science. Children are later able to relate to the things happening around them and their way of thinking gets broaden up. Kids like to play with balloon.

The science experiment which we are about to discuss in this article involves the use of balloon. This experiment is known as the Clinging Balloons science experiment. This is one o the most popular science experiments and is pretty simple for the kids to perform.

Clinging Balloon Science Project :

Balloons in Air

Balloons in Air (Image Credit -

To conduct a Clinging Balloons science experiment all you need is some balloons and a woolen pullover. First of all take some balloons and blow them up. Now tie a knot on the mouth of these balloons to prevent the air from escaping. Now one by one rub these balloons to the woolen pullover and put them on the ceiling. You will be amazed to see that the balloons remain in contact with the ceiling for hours.

This happens because when the balloons are rubbed against the woolen cloth they get electrically charged due to which they cling to the ceiling (ceiling is uncharged).

The balloons will stay in this position until the charges in balloons and the ceiling become equal. Ceiling is a poor conductor of electricity due to which the electrons flow very slowly into the ceiling causing the balloons to stick for longer hours.

You might have observed that the Clinging Balloons science experiment is pretty simple to perform and does not require much effort at all. Children can try this at their home and can show it to their friends or family members. While blowing balloons by children an adult supervision is recommended to prevent children from sucking in balloon.

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