Childrens Science With Candle and Water

Science Project To Do With A Candle And Water:

Candle and water science project is based on to show the requirement of Oxygen for lighting anything. Candle and water science project is very basic and easy to do. It requires very some resources to do this experiment. A pot of water with plain and more then 15 cm radius bottom, should be fill up more then half.

A Candle is required for burning source. A transparent pot with more height then candle and more then 5 cm radius like –a glass of mirror is also require. If Water in pot will colored then result will seem very clear.

Candle and water experiment is as follows:

Fill up the pot with simple or colorful water up to the half of the height of candle. Candle should fix at the center of the pot. After that light the candle. Put the Glass like pot by covering the lighting candle up to the bottom of watered pot.

See carefully that after a littlie bit of time candle will stop to lighting and water will rise up into the jar. This is why because while oxygen was in the jar, candle was lighting and when all the oxygen is utilized then candle stop to lighting and water rise up to cover the blank space of oxygen.

Experiment Video :

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