Chemistry Science Fair Projects and Experiments

Chemistry deals with properties, composition and structure of substances. Chemistry is also divided into so many different branches like biochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, electrochemistry, environmental chemistry, etc.

Chemistry Science fair projects are always very exciting and knowledgeable.

It is always very interesting for children to do experiments with test tubes and unusual chemicals. These projects will also increase knowledge about chemical reactions and substances that we find around us.

The best chemistry science fair project is one which is related with problems around us and its solution. It is really a challenging job to find a project like these but list of projects done by other people may help you, may be you find out new solution for the same problem. Other than this, you can also find good chemistry science fair projects from science project books and internet.

Here is list of some chemistry science fair projects:

Electricity From Wind

• You can do a test with water. Water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen and you can test it by passing electric current through water between electrodes.

When electric current is passed, water will split into two parts: oxygen and hydrogen. This project is a small project for middle school.

• You can build an artificial volcano using baking soda. You just need 30 minutes to perform this experiment. This volcano is non-toxic and cool. It will also be a fun for children to perform this experiment.

• You can also make your own pH paper using a pH-sensitive dye extracting from red cabbage. You can use this paper to measure acidity and alkalinity of different solutions in the house.

• Other chemistry projects include ‘research on best plastic wrap that prevents evaporation’ and ‘difference between rate of burning of white and colored candles’. There are so many different projects like the ones mentioned above.

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