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High School science project ideas

High School science project ideas

Chemical equations are the lifelines of chemistry in the sense that they teach students what happens when two or more substances come into each other’s contact or react. In a chemical equation the reactants or the starting substances are placed on the left side and the products or the substances that are formed after the reaction are placed on the right.

Writing the formulas of the reacting substances and the products is only the starting point  as unless we specify the amount or quantity of the reactants and the products, it is like throwing in ingredients in a recipe on intuition. Balancing a chemical equation is not just necessary, it is extremely crucial as there is no sense writing an unbalanced chemical equation.

Law of Conservation of Mass Applies Universally

In a chemical equation, we are left with a mass that is the total mass of the reactants. This is a law referred to as the Law of Conservation of Mass. This is not surprising and most of us know that the mass of the products is always equal to the total mass of the reactants or the ingredients we throw in while preparing a dish in the kitchen. However, specifying the right amounts of ingredients is important to have the right taste of the recipe.

This means that chemical equation balancing requires putting up numbers in front of the reactants as well as products.

Electricity From Wind

Electricity From Wind

However, this is a process that is all too scientific and precise and it is not that one can put up any numbers he so desires against the products or the reactants. Balancing an equation requires looking at the number of atoms of substances on the left and the right side and putting numbers on either side to balance their quantities.

To make the task of the students of chemistry very easy, many websites have come up with chemical equation balancer. This is software that requires entering the unbalanced chemical equation in a calculator that works on the basis of the law of conservation of mass. This law states that the amount of a substance remains the same on both sides of the equation. Thus all a student has to do is to enter the unbalanced equation and press the balance button that will  instantly come up with the balanced equation. Chemical equation balancers are present online though there are many programs that work well offline also. These balancers can be saved and used on your computer to get results by entering unbalanced chemical equations.

Make sure of upper and lower cases while entering the equation

Just make sure you use uppercase for the first character of a substance while entering its name in the balancer. You have to use the lowercase for the subsequent characters min the name of the product or the reactant. For example, if silver is the reactant, we know that its formula is Ag. Similarly the chemical formula for sodium is Na. We can see how the first character is capital while the second one is in lowercase.

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