Center of Gravity

The center of the weight distribution of an exact object is what center of gravity is all about. The force of gravity is considered to be a process. Center of an item’s gravity is considered to be the perfect balance not according to its function and the way that the item is rotated or pointed. Center of gravity calculation can be made by the formula i.e. Sum of mass * position divided by the Sum of mass. Have you ever tried to calculate the center of gravity for any object? This article might lead you to a better understanding of how to do it.

Initial Steps :



Firstly, you will need to gauge the weightiness of your chosen object. To understand its relation to the center of gravity, we might use this example:

  • Two children are playing on a see-saw, which is of 30 lbs weight. As long as we know, that this object is symmetrical, the vacant see-saw will be right in the middle of the symmetry.
  • Now that your knowledge about center of gravity calculation has improved, let’s move to the next point – you will have to determine the datum.

Determining the datum & measuring

The starting point is called the datum. By this example, it should be right at the endpoint of the object in our example it’s the see-saw. Measuring the distance from your chosen datum to the center of the object is necessary. If the see saw is say 20 ft long, then by calculation we are making a conclusion that the center must be 8 ft distance from that of the datum. If two children are sitting on a see-saw, then one of them will be 1 feet away from the datum while the other one would be 15 ft.

Mathematical part of the research:

Now since we got all the needed data, we can start calculating the center of gravity. Firstly, you should multiply every distance from the respective weight, and if you are following the example in this article, then it’s firstly the see-saw, then the first child, then the second. Finally, you should get the total. When you have the total of the moment, you will need to move on to other mathematical actions.

After you have done that, now you need to combine and add up the weights of all the objects in your research. The total sum of the weights that you have derived needs to be divided by the total weight. What you get is the distance to the center of gravity from the datum.

Then, all that is left is some arithmetical steps. You will need to calculate the needed coordinates. As you know, the seesaw is a two-dimensional surface. X will stand for the abscissa of the center of gravity and Y will mark the ordinate. These arithmetical formulas will help you to find the exact center of gravity:

1)      X=(?xydx)/(?ydx)               2) Y=(?yydx)/(?ydx)

The center of gravity calculation finally should be calculated with definite integrals. I hope that this article helped you to successfully calculate your needed objects.

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