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Materials Science Experiments

Materials science basically involves research and development of new materials as ell as improving the existing ones. These materials which are subject of research have important applications for improving technology and our daily life. Materials are generally in three states; solid, liquid and gaseous. The Materials Science Experiments are meant for the purpose of making […]

Ghostly Noise Experiment

As a child we all are afraid of ghosts and monsters but as we grow up we realize that these things do not exist and all we can do is look back and laugh at our innocence as a child. The experiment which is about to be discussed in this article involves producing funny and […]

Fun Science Games

Children like to play games and can be seen indulged in several types of games and activities. Science when presented in the form of a game or activity to a child can prove to be very helpful in making the kid understand the facts and principles of science. This innovative approach of teaching has been […]