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A dive into the water world some known and unknown facts about Fish

Fishes rule the kingdom of water world, an undisputed leaders in navigating through tides and currents they understand and prosper in the water world, elegantly and enchantingly. Water Kingdom has always fascinated the human imagination and has enticed people to explore their depth and understand their wonders, questions like; how does life originate in the […]

Why does an iron needle sink in water but an iron ship floats on water ?

Even though it seems like an anomaly, there is a scientific reason for this phenomenon happening in every day life. It is true that an iron needle sinks in the water while a ship, which is much heavier than an iron needle, floats in the water. To understand the reasons behind this unusual phenomenon, we […]

Ocean Sciences Project Experiments

Ocean Science Project Ideas : We live in a planet which is 70% covered by oceans. The ocean sciences deal with the study of ocean and life forms living in it as well as global weather patterns. The Ocean Sciences Project Experiments help children to understand various amazing aspects and facts of ocean. These Ocean […]