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Glow up the Dark

Imagine a beam of light piercing through the darkness, sparking up the entire room with a colorful glow, how beautiful and enchanting that whole view of the room would appear and imagine that this glow; if it can be produced at home. Yes! It is possible by using some simple and safe products and materials […]

Understanding Refraction by Understanding its Laws

Light travels in a straight line, a fact that is well established and agreed upon, light also changes its direction when it passes from one medium to another. Another fact that is well established and agreed upon; this phenomena in which the direction of the light changes because it passes from one object to another […]

Fork Balancing Trick to Impress Someone

Most of the magic tricks are not wonders but the result of applied physics. Center of mass is one such concept that can be utilized interestingly to understand the reason behind the balancing act. The fork balancing trick is performed using two forks and a very light object like a tooth pick. The sight of […]