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Lifting the Rice Jar up using only Pencil

The jar rice has a good amount of weight on to it, and requires good arm strength to pick and hold it. But if the same jar of rice is picked using pencil, won’t that be surprising! Yes, to every extent of imagination it is something that will be fascinating and interesting to watch. Ideally, […]

Bending a light on Refraction

Have you ever observed an image appearing on the little droplets of water, or spoon that appears broken when it is kept in the jar of water vertically? Such type of phenomena’s is visible to the person on a daily basis but very few people pause for a second to think about these magnificent play […]

Tricks and tips on putting Hex nut into the Bottle

There are two ways of putting a hex nut into the bottle; first simply take the nut and put it inside, this step is fairly simple and can be easily done without any hustle or fuss. Second way involves putting a hex inside the bottle without physically doing it or touching the hex. Sounds Interesting! […]