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Attract the Fun: Magnetism for Kids

Magnets have powers to attract the objects towards themselves but their quality is not limited to their attracting powers only, rather they are one of the most preferred and fun objects that are fondly used by kids of all age groups. There are many kinds’ magnet games that are developed and encouraged in schools and […]

Magic Arcs

The two semi-circular arcs when placed one above the other creates an optical illusion that makes the lower arc appear bigger than the upper one. This is one of the very easy and most practiced tricks that are generally displayed by kids to baffle friends. Magic is all about creating illusion and the concepts of […]

Balancing a Soda Can

There are always some activities in which learning can become real fun. One such activity is about balancing can. The act of balancing anything in itself is a great fun but when it comes to Cans the idea of fun multiplies; simply because it’s more challenging. What makes the whole idea interesting is that once […]