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What is Gravity ?

You know that when you throw a ball up in the sky, it will go up but will ultimately come back to earth. The same applies to everything that falls down from a height whether an apple from a tree or a paper ball thrown by a boy from his balcony. Have you ever wondered […]

Power and Energy Related Science Projects

Science Projects on Energy for Kids : Power and energy are the major necessities of our life, without them most of the modern equipments and machines are useless. The Power and Energy Related Science Projects help children to understand the importance and facts about power and energy. These Power and Energy Related Science Projects involve […]

Hovercraft Science Project

Science experiments are pretty amazing for the kids and sometimes appear like magic to them. But a proper demonstration of these science experiments makes the kid learn about the amazing aspects of science. In today‚Äôs world of technology and innovation it has become very important to let the kids understand and realize the significance of […]