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Earth’s Magnetic Field : An Important Discovery

If you look at the bar magnet that is tilted 11 degrees from the spinning axis of the earth, you get a fair idea of what earth’s magnetic field is all about. When somebody utters the term magnet, the picture of a solid material capable of attracting iron or nickel appears in the mind. This […]

What is friction?

Friction is a phenomenon that is seen everywhere around us. It is the result of electromagnetic force that is functional between two objects irrespective of their being mobile or static. This force is largely responsible for the stability in the environment and also for the degradation of various substances at the same time. Friction is […]

Hovercraft: Design, engineering and powerful mode of transport

Hovercraft vehicles were designed and manufactured with specific purpose, the idea behind their design was to launch a mode of transport on water that is mighty and is safe for travel. The weight of this vehicle is same as that of helicopters but it is more powerful and can travel at a lightening speed. The […]