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Get to Know Everything about Electrical Circuit

We often hear the word electrical circuit but have you ever wondered what electrical circuit is? Yes, it is related to electricity but after that what?  The word circuit tells us that it’s an enclosed route or path from one point to another. So we can conclude the electrical circuit is somewhat near to all […]

Electronics Science Projects for Kids

The Electronics Science Projects for Kids give the opportunity to the kids to explore science and help them understand how things work in the modern world. We all know that in today’s world of technology, everything involves use of electronics and electricity. Electronics is the important thing for the students to learn and explore. Therefore […]

Electro Buzzer Science Experiment

The Electro Buzzer science experiment is one of the most popular science experiments for kids. A simple type of Electro Buzzer consists of a circuit with buzzer, battery and a switch. The buzzer makes sound when the circuit is closed and stops when the circuit is opened. To make an Electro Buzzer is quite simple […]