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Electrical formulas

There are a lot of electrical formulas that are used to describe electrical processes. Some of them are common, basic formulas that are included in the programs of high or secondary schools, while other electrical formulas are more complex and are a part of professional engineers’ competence. Basic electrical Units used in formulas: Ampere is […]

All about Electric Transformer

We all have heard about transformers being installed in every locality and in case there is a failure in the performance of transformer, the problem of power cut arises. Haven’t you ever wondered what this magical device is all about? Electricity is a necessity of the present era. None of the electric gadgets work without […]

Features and benefits of light bulbs – The Invention of the Light Bulb

Invention of light bulb There were numerous scientists involved in the invention of light bulb. Among them, Joseph Wilson Swan and Thomas Alva Edison were the notable scientists. Joseph Wilson Swan employed carbon paper as filament in his light bulb, but the bulb burned for a few hours only. Thomas Alva Edison used a glowing […]