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Magnetic Energy

Magnetic energy is defined as the energy required in generating a magnetic field. It was discovered as a result of experiments performed by a noted scientist Maxwell who has worked towards finding the relationship between the electric energy and magnetic energy. The concept of magnetic energy can be well explained by winding a wire around […]

Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity is a process that is closely related to the charges. As you know, there are three types of sub-atoms. Protons and electrons carry positive and negative charges respectively. It has been known that the world contains billions of atoms, but what is the difference between an object containing more protons than electrons and vice […]

Electricity lessons for Kids

Kids normally have fun and are quite keen to learn about lightning, circuits, conductors, batteries and almost all kinds of interesting topics related to the electricity. Here are given strategies for teachers, planning for parents as well as doings for children. A whole host of unrestricted teaching resources for everyone interested in electricity, some related facts […]