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Magnetic Force

The magnetic force is the attraction or repulsion between two electrically charged particles that are in constant motion. It was recognized by the famous physicist Lorentz and is defined as Lorentz Force too. The ultimate result of this force is production of magnetization which confirms why two particles are attracted to or repelled from each […]

Learning, enjoying and Increasing Mind Wealth

It is a proven fact that that habit which kids develop in their childhood remains with them for most of their lifetime; therefore it is imperative that they must be encouraged to participate in plays and games that sharpen up their focus and stretches their thinking horizons. Kids must be encouraged to play games that […]

Fireguard Science Experiment

Science experiments have always grabbed the attention of children due to their amazing features and aspects. These science experiments play a major role in the development of child’s creativity, innovative ideas and proper understanding of science. Such experiments are pretty easy for the kids to conduct and involve use of basic household items which we […]