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Floating of Eggs Magically

Want to surprise your friend and family members with the Eggs float magically trick, and find them in awe of your skills and display of art, then there are some easy and safe methods that can be used at home to stun and attract applause from the people gathered around. Yes, people have seen this […]

Taste the French delight at home

When it comes to treating the stomach with mouth watering, delightful taste the first name pops up in the mind is of French fries. These delicious and tasty dishes are prepared in an elegant manner and served instantly to go with the drinks and other food items. There are many stores and eating joints from […]

Cooking and Food Science Project Ideas

Cooking & Food Science Fair Projects : The Cooking and Food Science Project Ideas come pretty handy for children who are taking part in science fair. These easy Cooking and Food Science Project Ideas consists of experiments and projects which involve researching food based subjects like cooking, fruits, diets, vegetables, grains, dairy products and many […]