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Chemical Formulas

In the subject of chemistry, every substance has been given a symbol with numbers stuck in front of elements to express the arrangement of atoms of the elements in the substance. Thus we have a shortened formula to write water as H2O and NaOH for sodium hydroxide. We know that oxidation of aluminum makes aluminum […]

Chemical Equation Balancer

Chemical equations are the lifelines of chemistry in the sense that they teach students what happens when two or more substances come into each other’s contact or react. In a chemical equation the reactants or the starting substances are placed on the left side and the products or the substances that are formed after the […]

Understanding the making, use and effects of Tear Gas

The scenes of police using the bomb of gas to disperse the large gathering of the crowd from a particular place is very commonly observed and seen on television; the material they use to protect them and disperse the crowd is called Tear Gas. It is an effective medium to keep a check on people […]