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Story of Black Holes

The story of the universe is incomplete without the mention of Black holes; its mention raises myths and facts that are commonly observed about it. But to understand it completely first it has to be asked; what is a black hole in space? And how significant it is; in the model of the cosmos. To […]

There is no oxygen in space then how can sun burn?

The three requirements for burning, as we know are reacting substance or fuel, a source of Oxygen or oxidizer and a source of heat to start the process of combustion. In the absence of even any one of the above given requirements, combustion or burning is not possible. Now we also know that the outer […]

What is Big Bang theory ?

Everything around us; the stars, clouds, light, earth and life itself have gradually evolved with time. They weren’t here like this always, rather they all with time came into shape and existence and it all started 13.7 Billion years ago with a bang, and the scientific theory that explains everything is Big bang theory. Now an immediate […]