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Methods of Making Paper Airplane

A paper airplane is a toy aircraft which is made of paper or paper cardboard. It is normally called a glider. Normally a piece of the paper is folded to get the form of an airplane and make it fly in the air. Types of paper airplanes: The different types of paper airplanes are. Arrow airplane. Dart […]

Examples and Applications of Bernoulli’s Principle

Definition of Bernoulli’s Principle Bernoulli’s principle is when the speed of the uninterrupted flowing liquid increases then there is an increase or decrease in the potential energy of the liquid. Examples of Bernoulli’s Principle: Airplane Bernoulli’s Principle is closely associated with flying of an airplane. The airplane moves in the forward direction due to generation of thrust by […]

Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics Experiments

Children get pretty fascinated when they see a plane flying up in the air or a ship sailing smoothly on water. And at the same time we can also see these kids getting curious about how a plane flies in the air and how does a ship manage to sail. To make these kids understand […]