Burning Without a Flame Science Experiment


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Science experiments for the kids help children to understand science in a fun manner. These science experiments help a child to develop creativity, understanding and knowledge with regard to science. Such experiments have proved to be very helpful in making kids understand the fundamental principles of science in a very practical and amusing way.

Science experiments or projects generally demonstrate things which ma sound unbelievable or impossible to perform. One of such science experiments is the Burning Without a Flame science experiment. This is one of the most popular and amusing science experiments for the kids and is quite simple to perform.

Fire Without Flame Science Project :

To execute the Burning Without a Flame science experiment all you need is some steel wool, dish or saucer, water and clear drinking glass. First of all take a steel wool and moisten it. Now press this steel wool in the glass firmly. Take a dish or saucer and then pour some water in it. Invert the glass with steel wool in this dish or saucer. You will see that the air in the glass will prevent water from entering in the glass.

But observe carefully, the level of water in the dish or saucer slowly begins to decline and the level of water in the glass become higher than the level of water in dish. The reason behind such an occurrence is that when the steel wool is moistened, the iron starts to react with oxygen in air as a result of which it begins to rust. This process is known as oxidation as a result of which a small amount of heat is produced.

Heat is only produced when oxygen is used up. This reduces the volume of air in the glass and the water takes the place of oxygen which was used in the process of oxidation. You may have observed that the Burning Without a Flame science experiment is pretty easy to conduct without any effort. Children can have a great time while performing these experiments.

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