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Science experiments are pretty easy to perform by the kids and have proved to be very beneficial in making the kids understand the fundamentals of science. These science experiments help the kids to develop creativity, innovative idea and proper understanding of science.

Ghost In A Bottle Experiment :

While performing these science experiments kids should follow the instructions properly and use appropriate safety equipments in

Ghost In a Bottle

Ghost In a Bottle (Image credit :

order to prevent any sort of injury or accident. Because certain experiments involve use of equipments or materials which can be harmful and cause injury if not handled properly. Therefore it is always advised to have an adult supervision while conducting these experiments.

One of the most popular science experiments is the Bottle Ghost science experiment. In this article we will discuss about this science experiment :

In order to perform this Bottle Ghost science experiment all you need is an empty wine bottle, water and coin. First of all store the empty wine bottle in a cool place. Once the bottle is cool, moisten the rim of the bottleā€™s mouth with water and then cover it by coin. Now hold the bottle firmly with both your hands and observe what happens.

Soon you will be amazed to see that the coin will move as if it is being moved by a ghost. This happens because the cold air that is present inside the cold bottle becomes warm once you hold the bottle. As a result of which the air begins to expand, but unable to escape from the bottle. Soon enough pressure is built in the bottle, which forces the coin to move in order to make the warm air escape.

You may have observed that the Bottle Ghost science experiment is pretty cool experiment and quite simple to perform without putting much effort. Children can try this science experiment at their home and show it to their family members or friends. They can even use this science experiment for school project or science fair.

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