Balancing a Soda Can

There are always some activities in which learning can become real fun. One such activity is about balancing can. The act of balancing anything in itself is a great fun but when it comes to Cans the idea of fun multiplies; simply because it’s more challenging.

What makes the whole idea interesting is that once the art of balancing the can is understood it can be balanced anywhere at an angle of 45 degrees, or at a tilted angle or some people who have mastered the act of balancing Can easily do it on their head. So let us see and try to figure how it can be done on a slant:

Balancing and Slanting:

  • The first step involved in balancing canon a slant is the easiest and joyful, which is to drink the liquid inside the can, make sure that the can is not full empty and at least 25% to 20% of the drink is still there in it.
  • Now look for the surface where the Can needs to be balanced out, preferably a flat surface.
  • Now slowly and carefully start slanting the can; keep the process going till the time bottom part of the can doesn’t touch the surface making sure that the can is tilted. Once the can bottom touch the surface the drink that is left in the can will settle down, let the drink settle completely
  • Now with great care and attention remove your hands, making sure that while doing so the hand doesn’t touch the can or the surface, letting the can stay in the balance it has attained.

In just four simple steps a person will able to amaze the family members and friends, the best part of this trick is that it is simple, not at all expensive, and safe and can be used to amaze people anywhere. Apart from balancing the Can on the surface; people can also balance it on their head using simple and safe techniques.

Getting a Head start:

  • To balance anything on head a person must have to maintain good and calm body composure. It is a wrong notion among people that to balance things on head one needs a flat head, the idea of balancing depends entirely upon the posture in which a person is standing; so that posture must be straight and composed.
  • The head must be still and shoulders must be relaxed; too much tension in the muscles of the shoulders can tilt the balance.
  • The can must be placed at the centre of head making sure that it is nicely balanced between the head and once the can is kept the hands from it must be slowly removed without disturbing its positioning making sure it doesn’t fall.
  • Once the perfect balance of maintaining the can is attained; a person can easily walk and show their newly acquired skills to their family members and can enjoy their applause and admiration.

The art of balancing can;teaches great art of balancing and this is absolutely safe to use, the person practicing it doesn’t need any special kind of training or expertise. They can attain the perfection in this art by carefully following some simple steps of placing, slanting and most importantly balancing.

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