Attract the Fun: Magnetism for Kids

Magnets have powers to attract the objects towards themselves but their quality is not limited to their attracting powers only, rather they are one of the most preferred and fun objects that are fondly used by kids of all age groups. There are many kinds’ magnet games that are developed and encouraged in schools and teachers and parents also don’t mind their kids working and playing with magnets.

There are some very interesting facts that explain magnetism for kids and how exactly they work; these are special kinds of metals that have special kinds of capabilities and are used for special purposes, so let’s see into the magnetic world of attraction.

Facts that must be Taught to the Kids:

  1. Though magnets are known for their attracting powers, still they are not able to attract every metal; want to try? Apply the magnetic force on glass and result will be clearly visible, magnets are not able to attract the materials like or wood.
  2. The magnet works because of their strong magnetic field; it is this magnetic field that gives magnet its strong magnetic pull. But this field is not visible to human naked eyes, special kinds of experiments are done and performed to detect magnetic field.
  3. The magnetic compass, the most reliable source of direction for sailors and merchants who travel through sea, works with the help of earth’s strong magnetic field.
  4. A part from attracting objects they can also push some objects away.

Fun kids can have using magnets

  • Kids can have great fun learning about the earth magnetic field using a bar magnet and a bowl of water. All kids need to do is attach the magnet to wood and float it on the water. After few minutes the magnet will turn and will change the direction; the north pole of the magnet will turn towards the north pole of the earth. This is a simple method that can enhance the learning for the kids using few simple steps.
  • Another simple technique or a method that help kids understanding more about the magnets and how its field operate is by simply taking a bar magnet and putting it under the sheet of paper; and then to check and see the invisible magnetic fields, just sprinkle little iron powder; little bit of sprinkling on the sheet of paper will make the visibility of the magnetic field evident. So just using this simple act kids can for themselves see the hidden and invisible magnetic field and can share this sharing with their teachers to understand this phenomenon better.

Magnets are easily available from the markets and they come in different forms like; horseshoe magnet, bar magnet and neodymium magnet each of them share basic qualities of magnets that is of attracting and repelling but are different in shapes. Schools also have good collections of magnets with them, which they give to kids so that they can see, understand and experiment and discover some of its magnetic properties by themselves.

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