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Home Experiments for kids are full of fun and are easy hands-on experiments which help children by providing them with answers to lot of questions. Experiments like these are not only simple to perform but are also pretty fascinating for the kids. Home Science projects are pretty easy to follow and involve use of everyday materials which are easily available.

Science Experiments You Can Do At Home :

Home science experiments help children to understand science in an exciting and interesting manner. While performing these Home Science Experiments it is very important for the kids to use proper safety equipments and an adult supervision in order to prevent any sort of injury or accident.

Some of the common items which are generally used for Home Experiments are;  baking soda, balloon, big jar, bowl, water, carbonated soda, coins, cardboard, crayons, eggs, rubber band, food coloring, glass jars, corn flour, honey, kettle, lemon juice, ice cubes, liquid dishwashing soap, magnets, adhesive tape, marbles, modelling clay, oil, orange, matchsticks, mug, plastic bottle, newspaper, pot holder, plastic pen, postcard, plastic comb, plastic bag, pepper, paint brushes, paper clips, tissue paper, pencil, paper, ping-pong ball, raisins, sand, salt, rice, ruler, spoon, scissors, shoe box, sugar, straw, vinegar, silver foil, test tube and many more.

The Home Science Experiments are based on several topics such as absorption, balancing and gravity, heat, surface tension, plants, pressure, temperature, reaction, curious colors, electricity, light, mixing and separation, properties of materials, floating and sinking, magnetic attraction and many more.

Some of the most popular Home Experiments which are simple to follow and easy to perform are:

  • Bending water
  • Bouncing spotlight
  • Colored flowers
  • Making a rainbow
  • Making a volcano
  • Spinning egg
  • Magic coin
  • Jet engine balloon
  • Bobbing raisins
  • Shiny coin
  • Hydrogen bubbles
  • Flipping clown
  • Electromagnets
  • Ringing ears
  • Run away pepper
  • Wriggle worm
  • Vinegar oil pour
  • Swirled milk
  • Three layer float
  • Fishing for treasures
  • Green penny
  • Grow a plant
  • Musical pipes
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