Astronomy Project Experiments

Easy Astronomy Science Projects :

Astronomy Project Experiments have always been very helpful for the kids to learn about astronomy. These Astronomy Project Experiments answers questions with regard to everything from planets to sun, moon, stars, comets, etc. Experiments like these are not only interesting but also pretty fun for the children. The Astronomy Project Experiments are quite ideal for science fairs where children can demonstrate various amazing features and aspects of our universe.

Some of the most popular Astronomy Project Experiments which are perfect for science fairs are:

  • How to build a Newtonian Machine
  • Earth Science

    Earth Science (Image Credit -

    Model of Paper Comet

  • Model of Saturn
  • How to make a Telescope
  • How to make a GALEX Galaxy Montage
  • How to make a Star Finder
  • Make a Balloon- Powered Nanorover
  • Make a Soda Bottle Magnetometer
  • Paper model of Hand-Held Hubble
  • How to make a Galactic Mobile
  • Research of Halley’s Comet
  • Temperature variation from center of the sun to the surface
  • Why planets orbit sun in an elliptical manner
  • How often objects from space hit the Earth
  • Study of different types of stars and their life cycles
  • Argument about the existence of Black Holes
  • Possibility of collision of two planets in our solar system
  • Shadows of Celestial Bodies and phenomenon
  • Study of phases of moon
  • Study of Big- Bang Theory
  • Possibility of life in other planet
  • Affects of solar weather on Earth
  • Model of Mars Rover
  • Movement of Stars in Night sky
  • How big does the object need to be for it to not disintegrate completely while traveling through the Earth’s atmosphere
  • Research the possibility of a large asteroid hitting the Earth in the next 100 years
  • Study of the lifespan of sun in comparison to the other stars.

These Astronomy Project Experiments are simple to conduct and can prove to be pretty amazing for the kids. 

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