Air Pressure Science Experiments

We all are surrounded by air and when we think about air all that comes into our minds is the emptiness. Without air it is impossible for us to live. We can neither see nor smell air but can feel it. Things can be moved by changing the pocket of air pressure. One of the most important things to notice is that the higher pressure will always tend to push things around. The Air Pressure Experiments are meant for the purpose of making kids understand the science behind air pressure.

Experiment with air pressure :

Air pressure is nothing but an invisible force which is exerted by air. This air pressure can be demonstrated by several simple Air Pressure Experiments which are easy to perform and can prove to be pretty fascinating for the kids.

Some of the most popular Air Pressure Experiments which can be easily performed by children are as follows:

  • Book blast experiment
  • Caved-in car experiment
  • Indoor tornado experiment
  • Unspillable water experiment
  • Fountain bottle
  • Ping-pong funnel
  • Water glass trick
  • The million dollar challenge
  • Incredible egg trick
  • Magic water glass trick
  • Plumber magic
  • Squished soda can
  • Squished balloon
  • Lemon diver
  • Paper plunge
  • Lift a friend
  • Cartesian diver
  • Amazing paper ball
  • Balloon lung
  • Marshmallow face
  • Jet engine balloon
  • Magic jumping coin
  • Exploding canister
  • Kissing balloons
  • Flying papers

The Air Pressure Experiments like these help children to understand how air pressure can be harnessed for several purposes in our daily life. While performing these Air Pressure Experiments certain safety precautions have to be followed in order to prevent any kind of injury or mishap because some of the experiments might involve use of materials or equipment’s which if not handled properly can cause injuries. Children should follow the instructions properly and use safety equipment such as safety goggles, gloves, cloak, etc. The most important of all is to perform these experiments under the supervision of an adult.

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