A dive into the water world some known and unknown facts about Fish

Fishes rule the kingdom of water world, an undisputed leaders in navigating through tides and currents they understand and prosper in the water world, elegantly and enchantingly. Water Kingdom has always fascinated the human imagination and has enticed people to explore their depth and understand their wonders, questions like;

how does life originate in the water, and Do fish breathe water have now been successfully answered Fish have gills that help them breathe; these gills are made to help fish live and breathe oxygen. Let’s go into in depth details of how this phenomenon that takes place under water.

How does life sustain itself under water?



The digestive system of the fish is very similar to other creatures; however fish get their distinct identity because of their respiratory system and it is mainly because they live under water. Gills help fish get necessary oxygen that is required for its survival.

Many Mammals had gills even humans at the time they are in the womb have them; but in fish they develop and remain with them throughout their life span.

The process with which fish breathe through water is simple and easy, they open their mouth and pump in the water and when they close it they pump that water out. In this way with the help of gills they are able to regulate normal and regular breathing and they sustain, survive and grow under the water carpet with amazing elegance.

Some Fun and Little known facts about Fish :-

  • They were the first animals that developed a backbone, research in science has evidence that confirms that they were the first animals to develop a backbone.
  • Their body temperature is same as the surface temperature of the water, which makes them the cold blooded animals.
  • The movement of fish in the water is carried by creating waves, they create waves of water to move and they create it using their head and tail.
  • Though fish are associated with water, but there are some species that can fly and also climb rocks.

From past to present:

It is now a proven and well established scientific fact that fishes were present on earth even before Dinosaurs were evolved. Like other mammals they also feel pain and stress, and some species of fish are also known to show sensitivity and empathy. They have evolved with time and developed required skills to navigate and survive in the testing environments of waters. There are different kinds and shapes of species of fish in which they are found in aquatic world and they are the major source of food supply for the humans.

In recent times due to the change in climate conditions and some technological hazards, the life underneath the water has been threatened but people all around the world are now waking up to this reality and are taking preventive measures to make sure that the level of pollution in water is restrained. The life in water evolved before the life on land and like any other life, it is enigmatic in its evolution and rich in its source.

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