What is friction?

Friction is a phenomenon that is seen everywhere around us. It is the result of electromagnetic force that is functional between two objects irrespective of their being mobile or static. This force is largely responsible for the stability in the environment and also for the degradation of various substances at the same time. Friction is therefore known as necessary evil. It is because of the friction that we are able to walk on earth without stumbling. It is also responsible for the production of kinetic energy that ultimately produces heat.

What is Friction Force:


boat chappu friction

The simplest activity that demonstrates the effect of friction is rubbing of hands. When we rub hands, it is because of the friction between the hands that rubbing is made possible. This rubbing is nothing but the precursor of kinetic energy that produces heat and so hands become warm after constant rubbing.

This natural tendency to rub hands to generate heat is magnified on very long scale by rubbing two metals or restiveness particles against each other to produce heat and electricity at power plants.

It was totally because of friction that man was able to create fire. Rubbing two stones against each other produced so much heat that it resulted in the production of fire – an invention that is supposed to be the mother of development of civilized man.

Friction is also between static particles because of which they are neither attracted to nor repelled from each other providing suitable environment for them to remain stable. If friction were not present, all of the people on the earth could be seen floating like mass less materials. Friction is essential for driving vehicles and stop them suitably too.

Friction is of various types depending upon the material type between which it is present. The friction present between the layers of a liquid is known as fluid friction. It is because of this friction that any liquid is able to retain the shape of the container in which it is stored. The friction between two moving objects is mobile friction and is responsible for the generation of other forms of energy like heat between them.

Friction is responsible for the wear and tear of the objects too. The machines break down because of the friction between the machine parts. Oiling is a simple method that is used to reduce friction between the machine parts thereby increasing the life of the machine. Smoothness of any object is achieved either by oiling (lubricating) or painting it.

Friction is known to produce advantageous effects in day to day life. The palm prints and the fingerprints of our hands are actually responsible for producing friction between the object and hand that allows the human hand to grip the object firmly. It is friction between the meteorite and air that is helpful in generating temperature required for the sustenance of life on the earth.

The ability of frictional force to resist motion is found to be useful in many ways for human life. It is because of the friction that the body is able to generate sufficient heat within body essential for the prevention of body parts from collapsing.

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