Science Project for Six (6th) Class Standard

Science is a subject where projects and experiments teach you more than the books and the theories. Projects also help the student to apply the knowledge in their practical life. Projects motivate them to study harder and harder.

Science projects also help them to take part in various science fair projects and help them to change them their overall personality. Science Projects for standard six should be simple to understand.

Archimedes principle stands as a very good project for standard six; this project states the principle of floating and sinking of various objects. Material required for this project is very nominal, a bucket full of water and an orange.

Put the orange into the bucket full of water, then observe the changes and note them. Now remove the skin or cover of the orange and then again put it in water, again see the changes and note them.

In the earlier case the orange will float at the surface and no water will overflow from the bucket but in the next case when the skin of the orange is removed the orange will stop floating and will sink to the bottom of the bucket.

This happens as the skin of the orange contains pores, when put in water the air bubbles saturate in the pores and doesn’t let the orange to sink, but when the skin is removed there is no place for air bubbles to saturate and hence the orange sinks to the bottom and when any object is immersed in water or any liquid, amount of water equal to the weight of the orange is spilled out of the bucket, this principle is known as Archimedes principle.

Students get involved in the projects and study harder to score better marks. A Science project definitely helps them to succeed in practical life as well.

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