Science Project for Class Three (3rd) Standard

Science fair is a competition where students show their knowledge and creativity through a science project. The main educational advantage of science fair is it gives students a platform to show their science thoughts in form of models and reports.

Making a Science Project for Class Three Standard is really a very complex task as these students are very young to handle any science project. So you need to think about a topic that can motivate the child to do the project and also the child can enjoy while working on it. It will be good if you can find the topic from the child’s school science book. You can also find a good topic from science project books.

Here are some questions that you can consider while choosing a topic for your child’s school science project:

  • Does your child observe the environment around himself/herself? Is there any curiosity about plants and animals?
  • Is the child interested in doing puzzles or making models?
  • Does the child observe behavior of animals or people in different circumstances?

There are so many other questions like these and each question points towards a possible topic for a project.

If the child is interested in making models then you can choose topics like ‘volcano model’, ‘designing a model arm’ or ‘model of a sundial’. These models can come up with a really interesting Science project for class three standard.

If your child likes collection of different things then ‘insect collection display’ can be a great Science project for class three standard. Making these displays is immense way to learn about insects.

Another good project is to research about different parts of human body.

You can do research on working of human eye, hands, legs or any other part. So, you can choose the science project according to interest of your child.

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  1. pollykoch wrote:

    kindly send some ideas and model for science exhibition and display

    Posted 14 Jun 2012 at 5:57 pm

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