Science Project For Class Seven Standard

Science is a subject where you get a chance to study the subject fundamentally and conceptually well, due to its projects and its experiments. Preparing a project is a practical and most loved method of understanding the subject in a better manner.

Science projects improve the knowledge and the understanding power of the student. Science projects are basically meant for the student so as to understand the theories of science in a more simplified and better manner. After making projects students become eager to learn new concepts.

One of the projects to understand the science better is the principle of refraction of light. In this project the material required is very simple, a glass of water and a pencil. Fill half of the glass with water, then sink the pencil into the glass, observe the pencil from the top, now observe the pencil from bottom, lastly observe it from sideways, and then note all your observations.

When the pencil is observed from the top of the glass you will find it bent, you will observe the same effect from bottom as well as from sideways, this happens due to the phenomena of refraction of light.

Another such project that can be made is that of static electricity. The requirement for this project is a balloon and a student. First blow some air into the balloon and tie the mouth of the balloon so that air will not pass out.

Then rub the balloon on the student’s hair, and observe. A charge is produced due to which hair of the student will attract towards the balloon. This charge is known as static electricity.

Projects studied at standard seven form a foundation for further studies relating to science. Science projects help the student to understand the subject better and this helpful for their upcoming years.

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