Science Project for Class Five (5th) Standard

Science is one of the most loved subjects by all students as it contains a lot of challenging and interesting experiments and projects. It helps the students to understand the subject rather than just mugging up the entire book. Projects are loved by the student as they get a chance to learn something new every time.

Science projects at the level of fifth standard should be based on very simpler concepts, so they can enjoy their project while learning it. Projects should also give detailed information in a better understandable manner. Basic material and equipments needed for the project should be very easily available.

Theory of magnetism is one of such project which can be very easily performed. It shows the power of magnet can magnetize any other object. This project is to show that magnetism can pass through various objects like piece of wood, paper, water or any other object.

Material required for this project is staple pin, a cardboard and a magnet. To start the project first, place your staple pin on one side of the cardboard then place the magnet on other side of cardboard and then try to move the staple pin by using the magnet note the observation. Now to move the pin in a specified direction draw some lines or design on the cardboard and then try to move the pin in the direction drawn and then note the observation.

Now put the staple pin in the bowl full of water and then hold your magnet just above the water level and then try to remove the pin from the bowl. The above mentioned activities’ will help you determine the results of your projects.

Students should enjoy the project while learning new things about the subject. The project should be simple to understand as well as informative.

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