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Ocean Science Project Ideas :

We live in a planet which is 70% covered by oceans. The ocean sciences deal with the study of ocean and life forms living in it as well as global weather patterns. The Ocean Sciences Project Experiments help children to understand various amazing aspects and facts of ocean. These Ocean Sciences Project Experiments are simple to perform and do not require much effort. Kids can have a great time while conducting these experiments and at the same time learn a great deal about oceans, life forms and certain natural phenomena involved. Experiments like these are pretty ideal for science fairs where a child can demonstrate fun facts about ocean.

Some of the most popular Ocean Sciences Project Experiments which are perfect for science fairs are:

  • How salty is the sea?
  • Water Glass

    Will ice melting at the North or South poles cause the rise of sea levels?

  • Building beaches science experiment
  • Plankton and primary productivity science experiment
  • Timing the tides science experiment
  • The science behind Tsunamis and the study of the effect of water depth on wave velocity
  • Can water float on water?
  • How much salty does the sea have to be for the egg to float?
  • Making a global conveyor belt in your kitchen (ocean currents)
  • Swimming in acid: Study of ocean acidification
  • Can warmer seas cause stronger hurricanes?
  • Can hurricanes cool the ocean?
  • Harbor porpoise movement
  • Taming the Tsunami: Study of different structures to reduce the damage caused by Tsunami
  • Harmful algal blooms in the Chesapeake Bay
  • Hurricanes and climate

These Ocean Sciences Project Experiments are pretty interesting in their nature and are quite popular among kids. Children can try these science experiments at their home and show it to their friends or family members. While performing these experiments, kids should make sure that they do it under the supervision of an adult to prevent injury or accidents.

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