Mechanical Engineering Projects for Students

Projects on Mechanical Engineering :

Mechanical Engineering Projects for Students give children the opportunity to explore more about the basics of science like kinetic energy, potential energy, friction and simple machines. These Mechanical Engineering Projects for Students generally involve research and study of momentum, equilibrium, inertia, stability, etc. by use of levers, springs, pulley and several other mechanical mechanisms. These experiments are simple to perform and can prove to be pretty fascinating for the kids.

Most popular Mechanical Engineering Projects for Students which are quite ideal for science fairs are:

  • Making of solar cycle
  • Making of Electro-Hydraulic Braking system for Four Wheeler
  • Making of Solar Fan with Lighting System
  • Automatic Packing control machine for industrial application
  • Remote controlled material handling equipment
  • Solar lighting with battery auto changeover system
  • Making of Sensor Operated Automatic Ramming Machine
  • Automatic bottle washing machine
  • Making of Multi Drill Holder
  • Automatic Pressure controller [censored] Valve Open/Close Arrangement
  • Making of Eccentric Press Machine
  • Making of double effecting solar cooker
  • Making of Solar Air Cooler with Heater
  • Making of Automatic Spring Rolling Machine
  • Electrical Power generation using Railway Track
  • Making of Solar air conditioning Machine
  • Making of Coin Separator Machine
  • Making of Three axis hydraulic modern trailer
  • Making of Emission control of Diesel Engine
  • A robot system for fire fighting in tunnels (IEEE )
  • Making of Intelligent Motorized Hydraulic Jack
  • Making of automatic humidification system
  • Remote operated weapon system
  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • Making of Sub-Marian (Model)
  • Making of Rotary Gear Pump
  • Making of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot
  • Making of Automatic cold chamber Die Casting Machine
  • D & F of Pneumatic reciprocating Hack saw Machine
  • Digital Controlled Coil Winding Machine
  • Paper Counting Machine
  • Automatic Rain operated wiper and Head light Dim/Bright Controller
  • Pneumatic Auto indexing Drilling Machine
  • Making of Fully Automated Intelligent Vehicle (Car Model)
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