Light Refraction In Glass Filled With Water

Light refraction glass filled with water:

Electricity Science Project

Optics is very interesting and useful of science field. Optics technology has solved many major or miner problem about the vision. There are many experiment to do or has done to show the impact of light on various platform. Here we will discus about the effect of light into the water.

Reflection is a basic and main property of light from a glass surface. So it effect the original form of the ray of light. You will require components for this experiment like – a beaker of water, A rod or pencil. Follow the steps bellow to do this experiment as you own :-

  • Place the beaker of water in proper light .
  • Put rod or pencil half into the water of beaker.
  • See that rod or pencil will turn or bend from its original form. If not then take whole setup into more lighted area.
  • Change the degree of pencil or road against the surface of water and see the result.

A nice Light refraction related Video is here to learn some about all this process :

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  1. viji wrote:

    Sinking Orange :-

    This experiment simply shows the principle behind the sinking and floating of objects.


    Mug filled with water


    Place an orange in a mug filled with water
    Try to push it
    Now peel the orange
    Now place peeled orange back to the mug.

    The orange will not sink in the first case but after peeling it will. Peeling the orange will make it lighter because the peel has pores where air is trapped which makes orange lighter to float.

    Posted 23 Feb 2012 at 4:26 am

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