Fire Extinguisher Science Project

Science experiments have proved to be very helpful in making kids understand some of the very fundamental or basic phenomena of science. These experiments pave the way for children to widen up their way of thinking with regard to things happening around them. Such experiments are the perfect tools for making kids learn while having fun. We all are familiar with fire extinguishers and the purpose they serve. Almost all the commercial complexes, offices, super markets, homes, etc. have fire extinguishers.

These fire extinguishers are used for extinguishing fire in case if there is any soft of fire which can later prove to be fatal. The experiment which is about to be demonstrated in this article involves making a Fire Extinguisher at home. This experiment is known as the Fire Extinguisher science experiment which is pretty popular among the kids.

Homemade Fire Extinguisher :

To perform the Fire Extinguisher science experiment all you will need is a short candle, a taller candle, baking soda, vinegar, bowl and small glass or small dish. First of all take a small glass and fill it with baking soda and then place it in bottom of a large bowl. Now take both the candles (small candle and taller candle) and place them too in the bottom of this large bowl. Remember that the height of both the candle should be less than then the bowl. Now take a matchstick and light both these candles.

Take some vinegar and pour it in the glass containing baking soda. You will see a foaming reaction and soon the flames of both the candles will go off. This happens because the vinegar reacts with baking soda as a result of which carbon dioxide is formed. This gas sinks to the bottom of bowl since it is heavier than the air and starts filling the bowl. When this carbon dioxide gas reaches to the level of flame, it goes off due to the lack of air.

You may have observed that this Fire Extinguisher science is an amazing experiment and is pretty simple to perform. Children can try this at home under the supervision of an adult.

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