Electricity Potato Battery Science Project

Kids like to know and explore about things which are new to them. Science experiments and activities help children to learn about science in an amusing and interesting way. These science experiments or projects are simple to conduct and involve use of common household items which are easy to find at home or a grocery store. Kids can have a great time while performing these experiments and at the same time can get the valuable knowledge with regard to science. There are several science experiments and activities meant for children and one of the most popular science experiments is the Electricity Potato Battery science experiment. This experiment is pretty simple to carry out and can be conducted by kids under the supervision of an adult.

Make electricity from Potato Project :

To perform the Electricity Potato Battery science experiment all you need is a copper wire, zinc wire, raw potato and earphone. First of all take a raw potato and stick a piece of copper wire and zinc wire (about the length of a finger) into it. Now take an earphone and attach one of its wires to a copper wire and other to the zinc wire. Hold the earphone to your ears. You will be amazed to hear a distinct crackling sound. The reason behind this sound is that when the copper and zinc wires are stuck into the raw potato, the sap present in potato starts reacting with these metals due to which electrical energy is produced. This electrical energy or electrical current produces a distinct crackling noise which can be heard with the help of earphone.

You might have observed that this Electricity Potato Battery science experiment is simple to conduct and is pretty safe for the kids. Children can try this at their home and show it to their family members or friends. This experiment was first conducted by Galvani, an Italian doctor in 1789. The Galvanic cell which we speak of today is named after this doctor.

See this very simple video for reference. 

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    Will it work on different electric equipments .If it works please email me

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