Dip to the Pole Science Experiment

Science experiments have always proved to be very useful for the kids to understand science. These science experiments have been specially designed for the kids so that they have a great time performing these experiments and at the same time learn about science. To perform these science experiments one does not need laboratory equipment’s or apparatus, but instead need common household items which are easily available at home.

Dip to the Pole Science Fair Project :

The most important thing to remember while conducting these science experiments is to have an adult supervision in order to prevent any sort of injury or accident. Certain safety measures and safety precautions have also to be kept in mind because some of the materials or equipments that have to be used in experiment may cause injury if not handled properly. In this article we will discuss the Dip to the Pole science experiment, which is one of the most popular science experiments.

In order to perform this Dip to the Pole science experiment all you need is two magnetized steel pins, a piece of foam plastic (as thick as a pencil), a sewing needle and a couple of glass. First of all take two strongly magnetized pins and push them into the ends of foam plastic. Now take a sewing needle and push it through the middle of foam plastic. Now place two glasses close to each other and balance this foam plastic on the glass. Swing the foam plastic in north-south direction and you will see that it will come to rest with one of its end sloping downwards. This sloping end of the foam plastic is pointing towards the north direction. Every time you swing it you will get the same result with sloping end pointing towards north.

You might have observed that the Dip to the Pole science experiment is pretty simple to carry out and does not require much effort at all. Kids can try this science experiment at their home and find it pretty amusing. They can show this science experiment to their friends or family members.

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