Create Your Dinosaur Model For School Project

Making dinosaur modal as a school assignment project is good to know about the biggest and dangerous animal before the 65 million years ago from right now. Dinosaur was too big and smart as well. Many more Hollywood movies has made on the background stories of dinosaurs. Creating a dinosaur model is very easy using unusable household items.

For preparing modal of a dinosaur we need following items –

  • Pictures or images of dinosaur from different angles.
  • Polymer material and clay.
  • Polymer items to make nose, teeth, eyes and ear etc.
  • Oven to dry the modal.
  • Color or paint for finishing.

Now we can start to make modal of dinosaur by following steps given bellow :-

1. Use polymer material or clay make modal of dinosaur.
2. Use clay art to make modal according to the images of dinosaur
3. Put polymer or other item to make nose, eyes, teeth and ears etc.
4. Put the modal on suitable stand or surface.
5. Put modal into the Oven to dry it.
6. Paint or color it for better look according to the images of dinosaur.

How to make a Dinosaur Fossil, watch video here:

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